Impact Lawn and Landscape


Payment for service is required within 15 days of receipt of invoice. For one time service, we require payment as soon as the service is complete. Although we are very punctual, if payment is not received on time, we will not be able to provide our services. We will resume your service schedule when payment is received. All payments can be made by Visa, Master Card and any other major credit cards. Check & mailing info to Impact. Returned/bounced checks from $25 to $50.  

Late Payment

If you are late on your payments we will suspend services until you are able to get caught up. We know that emergencies happen and people forget, however we will not extend credit beyond two weeks. 


We carry a $2,000,000 liability policy and our vehicles are fully insured. 

Cancellation of Service

We require 24 hour notice before cancellation or the charge is the same. No same day cancellations. No weekend cancellations for the following Monday. You must notify us of changes to your maintenance service the day before your scheduled service day in order for them to become effective. Weekly customers that request more than 4 "skips" during one maintenance season will be elevated to the bi-weekly service rate.  

Service Day
Once assigned, your service day will not change for the service season. Service will be completed between 7am and 7pm on your service day, we cannot adhere to a more specific time frame. Please set your sprinkler system to OFF on your service day. 


For our weekly clients, we do our best to provide our services to you on the same day every week. If weather causes us to miss a day we will reschedule for the next available day if at all possible. For bi-weekly clients, we will schedule you the next available day in the same week. We will still service your property on days of moderate rain, always taking into consideration any drainage problems your property may have before we begin. If you believe your lawn is too wet to be mowed, you must contact us before 8am to have your property "skipped" for that week.

Locked Out
We advise that you use a combination lock and provide us with the code or if you use a key lock, please provide us with a copy of the key. We will ensure that your property is locked up after we are done with our services. If we cannot gain access to your property at the time of your service you will still be charged for that day. 
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